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    McAfee freezes when I try to adjust firewall setting

      Hi everyone, I'm new here and I'm having a frustrating problem. (I searched for the answer here in case someone has already written about this, and couldn't find anything.)


      My husband and I are having a firewall problem that is blocking two of our internet browsers from functioning. (We can access the internet using Safari, but not Firefox or Explorer.) He has been trying to use McAfee to turn off a firewall. When we click "Firewall" in McAfee, the program always completely freezes and won't let us do anything at all. When this happens, we have to force quit using the task manager because the program is nonresponsive. He has thought about uninstalling and reinstalling McAfee, but we have a subscription and we don't know what would happen to that if we uninstalled the program.


      If it's relevant, we are using McAfee Security Center 2010 and Windows 7.


      Huge thanks to anyone who can help!!