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    SG560 PPTP encryption level changing randomly.


      I have seen a SG560U 4.0.10 change the PPTP VPN encryption level from Strong to Some (I think it is changing to some) without being commanded to do so.  This has happened many times, over several months.  This is also happening in one other model, I think it is a SG560 4.0.10.  I change the encryption level back to Strong and days or a few weeks later, it's back to Some.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?


      I thought a subordinate was monkeying with the settings (or I was hallucinating ), then I saw it happen on a new SG560U that had not been exposed to the company LAN. 








      Just checked one of the SG560 and it was back to Some.  Anything I can do to help troubleshooting, let me know.