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    VShield Scanner Stuck

      A process VShieldScann (VShield Scanner) frequently gets stuck eating ~50% (and occasionally >90% with 2 stuck) on my MacBookAir running OS X 10.6.8. The Activity Monitor shows the CPU usage but not the process. Only a terminal window with  ">top -o cpu" shows the VShieldScann process(s) running with the high CPU utilization. Seems no way to kill the process or to prevent it starting except to reboot.



      • Any way to prevent the process from getting stuck and eating the CPU?
      • Any way to kill the process without rebooting?


      Thank you for looking at this.



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          Sorry for the deferredresponse . Kindly confirm the below details ;


          Verion of Virus scan?

          Kindly provide us with a screenshot of your McAfee programs





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            Jai Prakash,


            Thank you for the response. 


            I think the image below has the information.





            McAfee info 2011-09-20 at 8.46.00 PM.png

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              Well, that looks pretty much like a defective McAfee installation. Try uninstalling and reinstalling it and then run MVT again and see what it says.


              Your post says this is a MacBookAir and gives us the OS version, but what is the actual McAfee product that you're running? Is it "McAfee VirusScan for Mac"?  And is it a home consumer, or an enterprise version? I've seen a similar question to yours in the corporate area, posted last year.


              We don't get too many Mac questions on the forum, so this is an interesting one. I've found lots of references to VShield, a product from VMware, but the name seems to have been around a lot longer than that in connection with McAfee (I've found instructions and user guides from as far back as 2002).


              If Jai Prakash comes back with something relevant to your question, I'll hand over the thread to him. You really need someone who understands the product better than I do. If all else fails, you'll have to use the online chat or email option and ask for help from tech support.

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                Jai Prakash and Hayton,


                I've uninstalled and reinstalled. The runnaway VShieldScann process returned.  (It typically runs half of the available CPU cycles.)  The process does not appear when first booting up but appears after visiting certain webpages.  I'm still looking to find a guarenteed trigger webpage.


                The product is McAfee Internet Security,, home version,  Version (921); Anti-malware, Version: (579), DAT Version: 6500.0000, DAT Creation Date 10/15/11; Appication Protection, Version: (549); Desktop Firewall, Version: (536); SiteAdvisor, Version: 1.2 (125), Affid: 0


                The updated MVT results following the current install are below.


                Again, thank you for assistance.




                McAfee MVT MAquery.png

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                  Im confused , MVT report states that the installed product is a Desktop firewall application , assuming it’s an enterprise program ‘

                  Could you please post us with a screen shot of your security center , that would help us to assist you quicker

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                    Jai Prakash,


                    Please let me know if this is what you are looking for.





                    MA screen 2011-10-17.png