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    MVSDEFLT.DLL - Expected file not present

      Hello, so my wife's computer started having the issue that others were reporting in which the real time scan would not stay started.  I can try to start it but right after I do so it almost immediatly stops running.  After browsing these forums I found the McAfee Virtual Technician file.  I ran the file and it found 6 issues.  5 of the issues were with registry files that the MVT repaired for me.  The 6th error was the missing file mvsdeflt.dll.  I am trying to find a location in which to download this file and restore it to its correct location. 


      The software was included with a dell computer that we bought new and I still have over 500 days left on our subscription. 


      I have read that the software might have to be uninstalled and reinstalled but I am not sure of where to do this since the software was provided for us as part of our dell computer purchase.  Assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you


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