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    Windows 7 crashed.  Recovering files from back-up.  How to recover Vault?

      Hello all,


      A couple days ago, my system crashed and I had to do a brand new Win 7 install.   My back-up (EaseUS Todo) has been backing my personal files, etc, including the "McAfee Vault" file that exists in "My Documents".


      Before recovering my backed up files, I reinstalled Total Security and Anti-Theft.  When installing Anti-Theft, it asked me to create a new Vault, so I did. 


      Now, when trying to open the old vault, I can only see the new vault.  I have renamed the new vault to something totally different, but still nothing.


      Should I uninstall Anti-Theft?  What should I do to recover the files in the old Vault?


      Thanks very much in advance.