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    EMM 9.6 Profile Removal Password


      What is the purpose of the Profile Removal Password on the password policy tab in EMM 9.6? I thought it would be to prevent the removal of profiles without the password but I can still remove the profile without having the policy set password.

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             The profile removal password used to work in iOS device (for Windows mobile - OK), but it doesn't work on iOS 4.x device anymore until McAfee announce in the future. Please take a look at the KB ID below, the MDM framework has changed by Apple so this feature is no longer available.



          Profile Removal password does not apply when removing the EMM Profiles on Apple devices

          Corporate KnowledgeBase ID:  KB72712
          Last Modified:  August 19, 2011




          McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management 9.0.4
          McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management 9.5.1
          McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management 9.5.5
          Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x86 or 64-bit (Standard and Enterprise Versions)
          Microsoft Windows Server 2008 64-bit (Standard and Enterprise Versions)
          Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit




          When you remove the Mobile Device Management (MDM) Profile from an Apple device in the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) console, the user is prompted for the Unlock Passcode instead of the Profile Removal Password.




          As of iOS 4.x, the Apple MDM framework controls the removal of profiles from the device, and the Profile Removal password feature is no longer used. If the EMM installation does not use MDM, the user will still be prompted for the Profile Removal password.




          This is expected behavior because the profile removal is now controlled by Apple's MDM framework.


          NOTE: When MDM is being used (recommended), the device profile removal for EMM requires only the user's lock passcode.


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