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    Troubleshooting Citrix with TCPDumpGUI


      Hello All- I have an influx of users who keep complaining about Citrix timeouts ( after 2 minutes) when using the McAfee Webgateway.  I've done everything from whitelist the domains\ whitelist the IP's\ whitelisted Citrix ports\ even created all users to access standalone Proxy ( vice proxy Cluster VIP) with no success.   


      Can someone let me know if the parameters below will be able to capture the users session so I can pinpoint the root cause of the problem. 

      Asssuming that is users session :


      tcpdump -s0 -i any host

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          the command should work with some limitations. By restricting to you will only see the communication between Client and MWG. You won´t see what MWG is talking to the server. If the timeout happens on the server side, you won´t be able to see what is happening.


          If you know the remote IP of the Citrix server, something like this should work:


          tcpdump -s 0 -i any -w /tmp/mycapture.pcap host or host


          (where is the Citrix server)


          If that doesn´t work, a capture without limitations, but done during "after office hours" should be more helpful.


          Actually I remember I have seen this 120 second timeout multiple times. Is there a support case in regards to this issue? Maybe they have already heard of this problem and can give you a solution.