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    Cygwin problem after McAfee update today


      We're using both Cygwin and McAfee already for a couple of years on e.g. a netbook, running Windows XP, McAfee AntiVirus Plus.


      Cygwin ( www.cygwin.com )  is a very powerful  Unix-like system on top of windows, we use it in addition to native Linux and Mac OS systems.


      One of Cygwin options is to start a command shell, which opens a window where you can interact by means of commands.


      Today, after a McAfee update, the comand shell prompt seems to be blocked by McAfee.


      If we turn-off McAfee for the usual 15 minutes, the command shell prompt appears again.


      Should we configure McAfee differently ?, are we missing something ?, please let us know.


      Kind regards,