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    My computer freezes

      My install works fine and when I go to run a virus full scan my computer freezes and reboots itself. I've asked a computer person he mentioned that it could be the firewall or windows defender conflicting with McAfee so I turned both of them off and I'm still having the same problem,I have also checked that it wasn't my computer by un-installing it and surfing the web and I had no problems. If anyone knows how to fix this problem I would greatly appreciate it.Also I am running windows Vista on my computer.


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          There was a similar problem reported a while back which I don't think was ever resolved.


          I'm assuming that you have the latest Microsoft. Windows, Windows Defender, and McAfee updates, and that you're using the latest DAT file. Also that you've got the latest Java, Flash, and assorted Adobe updates installed if you have any or all of those on your system.


          What's the version of McAfee and VirusScan that you're running? (Look in Security Center for the details).


          How far into the scan does it get before the system shuts down and reboots? And is this a Quick Scan or a Full Scan?


          It's unlikely to be caused by a conflict with Windows Defender, although it's possible (Windows Defender is okay on XP, possibly not on Vista).


          Are there any messages or pop-ups before or after the shutdown/reboot?


          This may take a deal of Googling to sort out, unless one of the McAfee tech experts has seen this before and knows what's causing it.

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            that it could be the firewall or windows defender conflicting with McAfee so I turned both of them off and I'm still having the same problem

            What is that firewall comment do you have a non mcafee1 instead of the Mcafee firewall or as well as?


            When you uninstalled did you use the following method?



            ie use windows removal then the Mcafee removal tool MCPR?


            Reinstall from your account and is it still happening?

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              Ok my brain has started ticking over your haven't got a atheros network wireless driver on that PC? Not exactly same symptoms but a thought

              Steps to check Version of network Adaptor:

              ·        Open Device manager

              ·        Right click on Computer

              ·        click on manage

              ·        In the left hand panel click on Device Manager

              ·        Right click on network adaptor

              ·        Click on property

              ·        Make sure if its WLAN Atheros driver Version

              ·        If not update the driver and make sure we get the latest.

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                Ok the guy that I asked said It could be the settings of it. Im not to sure of the version but its mcafees most recent 2011 total protection. To be able to do some of these things is going to be hard because after I install Mcafee and run a full scan it usually makes it to 14% and my whole computer freezes and reboots after about 3 minutes. Not really computer Savy so sorry if i dont understand , but I do greatly appreciate your comments and directions.My driver is updated I made sure.

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                  Does it freeze at the same file?