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    VirusScan Taskbar Icon changed

      Hi All,

      I recently made some changes on the ePolicy Orchestrator, Under the "User Interface Policies" to "Show the system Tray icon with Minimum menu options" and "Display Manage Task in client console", and the McAfee icon (shield) on the taskbar has changed to a square M.

      I undone the change, but the icon doesn't change back to the shield. Does anyone know how to change that? Thank you!

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          The M icon is the latest Mcafee system tray icon (from the CMA 3.6 version onwards), this holds within it (right click) the icons for the CMA (blue shield) and the VSE software ( blue and red shield), so If you have enabled system tray icon at all then you will get the M.
          If you totally disable the system tray icon for the agent then you will just get the VSE blue and red shield.
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            Thanks Tony for your clarification. Some one has shown me that it was because I chose the option in "ePO Agent 3.6" to "Show Agent Tray icon", and then the Shield became the Square M... Now I unselected that and did an agent wake up call, the machines started to changed back to the blue and red shield.

            thank you