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    Javascript problem with Mcafee products



      Hoping someon can help.


      My Mcafee total protection no longer seems to be working properly.  I just get a blank screen when I click on it, and the same thing goes when trying to use mcafee virtual technician.


      One of the error messages I have recieved talks about javascript not being enabled on my PC.  From reading other postings, the recommendation seems to be to log into the command prompt as an administrator and to type "regsvr32jscript.dll" and press enter.  All the postings I've read mention that you recieve a message confirming that this command has been successful.  However, I am not recieving such a message when trying to input the command, instead I recieve the message "regsvr32jscript.dll is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file".


      I hoping someone has an answer as to how to get round this problem.  I apologise in advance if there is some simple mistake that I have been making - I'm by no means a computer expert, and I would appreciate any help with this problem.


      In case it matters, my PC is running windows vista.


      Thanks in advance


      on 9/15/11 1:21:50 PM CDT