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    ePO 4.6 Mcafee Application Server Registry Keys Gone (mcafeetomcatsrv250)

      Hi everyone.


      Since last week, monday  Sept 5th, neither the ePO 4.6 Mcafee EPO Event Parser nor Mcafee Server start any more.


      The server was downloading updates and there was a power surge in the building. The server is on an UPS and it never shut down,  but since then the server was rebooted htis past monday, it displays that one or more services could not start.


      When I tried to start the Mcafee Application Server (Apache2, SSL, etc) I received an error 1075: Dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion. I googled it and a Java heap size information came up. This doesn´t seem to be related, but I increased the heap size anyway from 512 to 1024, since Win2003 in this case is 32 bits and that was the overall recommendation.


      One of the dependencies for this service is the NT LM Security Support Provider. I have read about this thread on some technical documents, but as I see it, it does not apply in my case since it's Win2003 and I found out just 2 days ago that the ePO Mcafee Application Server registry keys do not exist anywhere in the registry.. therefore Tomcat does not start and since ePO Server (Apache2) depends on the Application server... well none of them start...


      The SQL server instance starts and it reports as started on the services screen.


      Is there any way I could recreate this registry keys without re-installing ePO. Just to verify I did not loose the configuration.  I went into the virtual environment provided by mcafee.com and checked those registry keys... mcafeetomcatsrv200 exists ... \\HKLM\system\currentcontrolset\services\


      I´m thinking about re-installing ePO on top of the existing setup, just to recreate the keys, check config, backup  DB and key folders, and wipe everything to start over...


      Any help wil be greatly appreciated.!