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    family protection on laptop through school firewall?

      I have installed family protection on my daughter's netbook and everything works fine at home. At her school, however, she gets a message that family protection cannot connect to the mcafee servers. Presumeably the school's firewall is blocking communication. So my question is: are there specific ports or ip addresses that must be allowed through the school's firewall to make this work? I am in contact with the firewall admin, but neither of us know what to let through...

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          There is no any special port or Ip address that can be added to the firewall to allow the McAfee Family Protection to communicate with the McAfee Servers.

          By default it uses the Http port 80 to communicate with the web. In School if the internet access is Restricted, then the family protection will not be able to communicate with its server

          as Http Port 80 has been blocked by firewall.



          Raja Gopalan S

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            Thanks Raja, but I do not believe your reply to be wholly correct as the school's firewall in not blocking all internet traffic, only filtering it.


            If you are telling me that family protection only uses port 80, then that is useful information because it points us toward the firewall blocking access to the specific IP of the family protection servers. What we do not know is the ip or URL of those servers. What seems to be happening is that family protection first goes to check its credentials and permissions on McAfee servers. Since the firewall is blocking acess to the family protection server, we get the message 'cannot reach the family protection servers."


            What we need to know is the IP or URL of the family protection server so that we can configure the firewall to let to family protection server traffic through.


            I would think that this would be a common problem -- since people buy portable devices for their children and expect to be able to use something like family protection to protect them wherever they might wish to connect to the internet. You should be able to take you laptop or netbook to the school, library, starbucks or wherever else there might be firewall-protected-wifi and expect it to work...