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    Quick clean will not run

      I have a gateway laptop running windows 7,  Mcafee internet security version 11 and quick clean version 11 updated 9/11/2011.  When I click on the pc home and networks tool is indicate quickclean is installed, when I click on the quick clean link, noting happens. No message.  After reading this board I tried the virtual tech without any result,  I went to my home page and reloaded the software, quick clean still does not run.  Tried to run quickclean in safe mode, nothing happens.  I have used this feature every two weeks, but something changed in August.  I do not receive any errors or messages.

      Quickclean does run on my desktop running an older version of windows.

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          Hi there,


          • Click the Windows Orb, right-click Computer, and select Manage.
          • If prompted, click Continue.
          • Select Device Manager.
          • Expand Sound, video, and game controllers.
          • Double-click your video card.
          • Select the Driver tab. Your Driver Version will be displayed here. Please let us know the version.


          Also, open Internet explorer - click on Help - then click About Internet Explorer and let us know the version : and cipher strength -




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            Thank you for your prompt response Dinz:


            Regarding internet explorer : The version is 9.0.8112.16421  update version 9.0.2  cipher strength 256

            I try to use google chrome or fire fox  but the browers are always shutdown when I try to que the quickclean.


            Regarding the video card: This is a lap top.  I do not see a reference to a video card or video card driver in the menu you listed (only audio) but I have a display adapter
            Intel 945 express chipset family.  the driver is igdkmd32.sys.


            As I stated I have used Mcafee for years and only recently (within the last two weeks) has quickclean not initiated.


            Best regards,

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              This issue seems unusual ; could you please update us with the specifications ;


              McAfee security center

              Version :

              Aff id :


              McAfee virus scan

              Version :

              DAT :


              McAfee Quick clean version :


              Also , please run MVT from here : http://mvt.mcafee.com and provide us the session id