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    EPO 4.6  post upgrade column views missing data for



      I've added colums to the views in 4.6 to match what I had in 4.5.x


      for some reason '' machines are reporting back with blank data in the column view.


      When I click on each of the systems the Products listed Views are different.


      The one with 4.5 Agent also reports AntiSpyware version but the 4.6 deployed System does not. I've highlighted the differences in the screenshots below.







      ... and I seem to be unable to sort the custom added columns?


      on 9/15/11 3:10:14 AM CDT
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          With regard to the Antispyware module not showing up - this is normal for 8.8: antispyware is rolled into VSE and doesn't report as a separate module.

          The column sorting thing is a known issue, which I believe is fixed in 4.6 Patch 1 (due for release shortly.)


          The DAT version information being missing is something different. Does it affect all machines running 8.8, or only some? If you send a "get full props" wakeup call to an affected machine, does it start reporting correctly?


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