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    Install Agents on end-user PC; ePO automatically adds agents?

      A quick summary on my current work environment before I ask my question :


      I'm a security administrator, and I have another guy who is a desktop admin. From time to time, user's laptop get obselete and the desktop admin will setup a new desktop as replacement for the user. Problem is: he never tells me when he deploys new systems. Thus I'm unaware and at times, these new desktops are not added into my ePO as I did not push agents to them.


      What I do now : I periodically skim thru my Network computers and see if there is any new computer names. Most of the times, I manage to catch the new names but sometimes I may miss out some and its too tedious to tally the names one by one from my ePO list.


      Is there a better way to do this?


      What I need : It would be best if I could customise an Agent installer such that once installed, the agent will know the IP of my ePO and automatically communicate with it and add itself into my ePO Systems list. That way, I could just instruct the desktop admin to install the custom McAfee Agent installer during new desktop deployments and it will make my job easier.


      Thanks for reading.