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    It Works!


      Today I installed this litte program. I am using McAfee Total Protection since many years. First I was a litte confused becaue the files of the "normal" SiteAdvisor and the Social Preview seems to be identical. the only difference is to be found in digitally signatures.  I installed it, restarted the computer and then windows 7 ultimate 64 bit was announcing that Total Protection was not on. I started it manually and then everything was working fine.

      Now I ask myself:

      If the SiteAdvisor Social Preview is leaving its beta-Status, how will i get the "right" version?

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          try to install it and on having beguin again, it continues that the same version without cambios.i did two times and nothing.why?

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            Yes, that is no bug.

            Please visit your facebook-account and log in. See the news there. Than search for any links on this page. There you can see the marking: red, green or yellow.

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              Hi there,


              Thanks for your interest in SiteAdvisor Social - we're really glad you're trying it out.  I just wanted to clarify that the version number will still report (the social functionality is an additional configuration package related to the same build, so it doesn't show as a different version number).


              I think you're all set to use the functionality if you haven't already - let us know how you like it!