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    McAfee EEPC 6.x Cannot Login



      For some reason, my user cannot login in the pre-boot neither windows after I installed the EEPC. I have my network (AD) user associated with my machine in the ePO application. Also I have two other users associated there.


      The two users are able to login properly but I cannot. This machine was recently criptographed and never had any user login into it.


      Those two other users, cannot login using the default '12345' password. Instead the must use their password from the network. Strange because it is a first time login to this machine.


      My user aren't able to login neither with my network password nor the default. I am afraid that EPO has some internal database or else and it stored an old password of my network user. I was able to login a log time ago in another machine and after that I didn't use the EEPC anymore.


      Is it possible that EPO stores some info about my first login and it is expecting that I login with my old password I used before? If so, could it be the reason why those two other users must user their actual network password in a first/clean install of EEPC instead the default password?


      I'd appreciate any help.


      Thank you.


      Felipe Almeida

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          Your EEPC password is not necessarily the same as your windows password as EEPC maintains its own password system.


          The 2 users you mention have obvioulsy setup their EEPC users on other machines in the past, and are able to login using the password that they initialised their user with before (EEPC will synchronise their existing data to all machines that they are assigned to).


          If you can remember the password you used when you last logged into EEPC, you will be able to login using that password, as it may not change when you change your windows password (depends on what policy is set).


          Only other option you have is to perform a local recovery (if it is enabled), or an administrative recovey in conjunction with your helpdesk.

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            dwebb, thanks for your answer.


            So there isn't any way to do a clear of my user within EPO? The local recovery is in EETECH CD?


            Thank you again.

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              I was able to reset the token through the recovery option. Thank you.

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                Just to close off this post, if the machine is at the preboot authentication screen, then there is no way that ePO can reach or control the client.


                If the machine was in windows, you could have forced a reset token for your user and it would have propogated to the client for your next boot (assuming you did not reboot too soon).


                Glad you got it sorted.