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    Help! My site advisor is showing the wrong person as the subscription provider!

      On my laptop, I first got mcafee though my mother's subscription. However, I now have my own subscription (as we have more than three computers in our house) and I keep trying to change my computer's subscriptoin to mine. I thought that if I went to my account to redownload mcafee that it would uninstall my mother's items and replace it with my e-mail as the subscrition holder, and in a way that sort of did happen. However, it is still my mother's e-mail that is showing as the holder of the subcription even though the site advisor says that my subcription is active it also says that it should have expired in July. Frankly, I am just confused about the entire matter and have no idea what to do to fix/change this. I have a snip shot of how my site advisor looks displaying the information (with my mother's e-mail blocked out) to help peopole get a better idea of what I am speaking of because even to me this sounds confusing, but I don't know how to better explain it. So please someone, help me.