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    EPO 3.6.1 & VSE 8.5 Alerting

      I am running EPO 3.6.1 w/patch3 and have a mixture of VSE 8.0 and VSE 8.5 in the environment. I have a mixture because I am in the process of upgrading from 8.0 to 8.5 but need to stop for the moment.

      I have to stop the upgrades until I figure out the alerting in VSE 8.5 thru EPO. We have our alerts sent to an e-mail box and it is monitored by the EPO admin (that would be me). When we were strictly a VSE 8.0 shop we did not get alerts like the following...

      COMPUTER: JacksCPU
      SOURCE COMPUTER: Not Available
      TIME: 7/7/08 1:04:02 PM

      PRODUCT: VirusScan
      EVENT ID: 1051
      THREAT/RULE NAME: Not Available
      EVENT: Unable to scan password protected AFFECTED OBJECT: C:\Documents and Settings\Jack\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\S5IN05Q7\Tree[1].learn\Tree[1]


      but now that we have upgraded most machines to VSE 8.5 we get thousands of these messages all day. I am afraid that if I upgrade all machines we will be getting thousands more. These are just informational messages. How can I stop these particular messages. Oh and by the way, all of them pertain to internet cookies. All information is appreciated and needed. This has become annoying and I cannot move on until I stop these messages. I dont want to stop all alerts just these particular ones.
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          You will get this with VSE 8.5 the best option is just to ignore them by filtering them out.

          open EPO
          filtering tab
          set send only selected events to epo
          remove the option for event 1051

          you may find some others you dont want to bother with aswell.

          The VSE logs will still note the events in themselves but wont pass this info on to EPO so your database wont grow huge.