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    Getting results of ODS VSE 8.8 by mail




      I would like to ask for some help. In our company we are using

      - EPO: 4.6

      - VSE: 8.8.0 (



      QUESTION 1:

      - Before I describe my 2nd question I would like to check if this are the latest version of VSE and AGENT?


      QUESTION 2:

      Ok, here is an idea:We have scheduled an OSD task to launch once per week on all workstations in company. Because the OSD task executes in the night, we have told to all the users that they must leave their computers turned on durring this day in the week. Now the idea is that we would like to collect some results, by meaning that, we would to track thoose users who are not leaving computers turned on durring this OSD task.

      Is it possible to create some kind of query/reporting which would collect names and number of computers where ODS was not launched and sent that report thru e-mail?


      Giving some step-by-step instructions (if it is even possible to solve our scenario in EPO console) would be most then appreticiated.


      With best regards,


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          I wonder - might it be easier to simply write a query to show those machines which did not contact the ePO server that night ?


          HTH -



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            I have googled a little about similiar scenario to ours and saw that enabling event filter for 1202 ODS started, 1203 ODS completed, is the first step... So I did that, but then this guy is confusing me with his post, that he would tag computers with ODS completed tag when he would use reporting, but I don't want to change tags to workstations cause some have tags: other antivirus installed, some tags: servers, some are aix servers, etc... we did thoose tags manually on each computers and would like to avoiding any automatic task changing them...


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              So, if all you want to do is see if the machine was switched on or not, I would check to see if the machine communicated with ePO during that time.. it seems much easier to me


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                If there is one thing that I like to do (not proud), is to complicate things a little bit more.

                Maybe we would like also to collect if there any computers which did execute ODS task but that task did not complete, too see if we have any workstations with large discs, bunch of files and if that is causing the task not finishing on time am I the pain in the *** or what? sorry for rookie posts...


                p.s. - although I agree that your previous post makes sense...


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                  I can't help you there, I'm afraid - it's not something I've experimented with. Possibly some other users have implemented something like this.





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                    I've been stuggling with the same kind of  issue for a while.


                    Having a clear report of what workstation did the ODS scan and which did NOT.  Seem like a pretty straight foward thing we should have in a management console.


                    I'm having mixed result for now, and i'm trying to figure out how to build the querry that is going to give me a clear and reliable result using a combination of event id, and filter but im not convince about the result. hopefully someone manage to do it...

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                      Ok, I think that the issue here is that these two occurances are mutually exclusive. They dont absolutely depend on eachother, so trying to correlate these two data sets is difficult (if even possible) using the ePO querying tool.




                      Joe Bidgood postulates that it is best to create a query to see if the machine has had an ASCI with the ePO server that night. While it may have had an ASCI, that does not necessarily mean the ODS Task completed, like the bostjanc would ultimately like to know.


                      Furthermore, just because the machine didn't have an ASCI that night, doesn't mean the ODS Scan Task didnt run. Correct me if I am wrong, but if user A has had a recent ASCI, it will be in the McAfee task sequence to run the task to run the On Demand Scan at the specified correct time. Maybe user A took their machine home that night, and the ePO server sits behind a firewall. The scan task runs as required, but no ASCI occurs because the machine cannot traverse the firewall to talk to ePO.


                      All I am saying is that to find absolutely what you are looking for, you need to create a query based on the ODS, and not based on ASCI.


                      To answer the question about large disk space and ODS results, in my experience, the task will complete almost always, it just takes a very long time (hours). You can also tailor your ODS task to take certain actions on files, and this can increase and decrease scan times.