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    Scan Logs Location

    Hemant Koli



      Cananyone help me to find the FIle Path for Scan Logs. i mean where does the Scan logs gets saved for McAfee Saas.



      Thanks in Advance.

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          Thread moved to SaaS area . Uou would be assisted by our SaaS experts soon .



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            Certainly Hemanth, we are glad to help you with this. In your post you mentioned that you need the file path for the McAfee SaaS scan logs.


            Please find the below infomation for the Scan Logs file path.


            For Windows 7 & Vista OS:


            C:\Program files(x86)\McAfee\Managed Virus Scan\Agent\Report\CIOBF10.Htm


            For Windows XP OS :


            C:\Program files\McAfee\Managed Virus Scan\Agent\Report\CIOBF10.Htm


            Also if you want to view the detailed report of the McAfee SaaS Scan results, please follow the following steps:


            Right click on the M-icon at the System tray --> Select “Open console” --> Select “Action menu” --> Select "Scan Computer" --> Select the scan target and Click Start Scan


            If the scan is completed please click the View detailed Report, so that it displays the results of the Scan.


            Please let me know if you have any other queries, so that I can assist you better with this issue.

            Geetha P