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    VSE 8.5 install to point to ePO server.

      We will be using a script to install VSE 8.5 on our client machines and I was wondering if there was a way to modify the install so that it will point to the correct ePO server when installed.

      Actually, the question should be, is there any way to do it other then using Installation Designer?
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          I'm confused... arent you going to install Mcafee agents first then install VSE? in which case the agent will point VSE back to the EPO server.
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            No. We currently have eTrust AntiVirus installed on all our machines. In migrating to McAfee we have a script that will completely uninstall eTrust and install McAfee.

            I may be wrong but doesn't the install of VSE also install a CMA, which doesn't point anywhere.

            In my experience I've always just installed over the default CMA by pushing a new one from the ePO server. But if there is a way to bypass having to do a push and already have the CMA configured with the correct ePO IP, that would be amazing.

            This is all based around the notion that a "blank" CMA is installed with VSE. I may be absolutely wrong here, but I swear I've seen the Common Framework folder on clients that I have VSE on but have never deployed an agent to.
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              Most of my problems with CMA installs are because users have installed plain VSE with the unmanaged CMA client that comes with it, it really sucks.

              You would be better off getting epo to install the clients and holding off deploying VSE from epo then using your scripted removal of etrust and install of VSE.

              This way you can have everything ready in advance and the moment that vse is installed it will update and get the correct settings and patches.
              Unless there is an issue with etrust and the cma client?
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                You have problems with that default CMA? Once it checks in with the ePO server and receive its updates, wouldn't any problems be fixed.

                Thats fine though, I won't turn away good advice when its handed to me. Its really not that much more effort to push out the agent before hand.

                Thanks for the input.