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    "Checking for Updates" sitting and spinning @ 0% complete for 25+ minutes - need help


           Relatively new Dell Studio XPS 8100 desktop - purchased December 2010 with McAfee Security Center pre-installed.

           Running Windows 7 SP1 with all current updates.  Prefer Firefox 3.6.22 to any incarnation of Microsoft Internet Explorer.


      Have McAfee Security Center set up to notify me when updates are available.  It did, and I told it to look for the updates.


      It sat and spun for 25+ minutes before I gave up. 



      When I closed and re-launched, the "Home" display now shows "X Updates: Available" with "X" and "Updates" in red.




      I had this same problem last week, and wound up downloading and executing the latest "SuperDAT" executable from "http://www.mcafee.com/apps/downloads/security-updates/security-updates.aspx".


      Is the "automatic" update broken?  Can it be fixed?  Can't reinstall - don't have CD.


      Need help, please!

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