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    Offline update for VSE 8.7



      I am on a network with no internet connection so I have to set up my clients to download updates from a local server, I have attempted to use the UNC functionality and the FTP functionality neither has worked. based on what I am finding in the updatelog file the software doesn't consider the manually configured repositories (fileshare and ftp server) valid.  does anyone on your staff have a how to document on setting this up to ensure that I am not forgetting something simple,



      below is the update log:

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          For a better analysis you might want to provide the McScript.log file. What do you talk about if you say "manually configured repositories"? As a general rule it's not advisable to construct your very own repository site unless you have massive experience and knowledge about the inner workings of the VSE update process. It is far simpler to just copy the full repository from a system that has internet access. Here is how you can do that:


          1. go to a system with McAfee VSE 8.x and internet access

          2. create a mirror task and execute it, targeting the McAfeeHttp site

          3. copy the files from your localy defined mirror folder to a device (USB stick, ...)

          4. copy the mirror to the server inside you quarantined network

          5. you can use either HTTP/FTP/UNC repository, it doesn't matter but FTP is recommended if you want easy success


          With IIS/HTTP you have to do additional configuration like for example adjust MIME types and with UNC you will have a lot of troubles sometimes due to credentials and accounts not being used properly. IIf you want to use UNC make sure you have checked and configured file/folder/share security correctly and you might want to create a local account on the server and use that one for updating.


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            HI thanks for the solution it worked great for me for about a week, then around the 1st of the year my mirror task did not bring in all of the files that is used to and now my client pcs on my closed network will not accept the the new repository.  do you have any suggestions on how I can fix this?



            Monroe Owens

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              Hard to say. There are a couple of things possible:


              - Do you have a perpetual licence of virusscan or has it ended by the end of the year (some products stop updating after the licence expires)?

              - Is your version still supported (for example, McAfee VSE 8.5 is now out of support since January 1 but it should still update none the less, well ... maybe)?

              - What URL do you use for the mirroring and is it still available on the net (are the files you are missing there)?

              - Has something in your company changed like proxy settings, internet gateway, firewalls, content filtering, ... ?

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                1. Our license is perpetual, I work for an Army installation so I am sure that the army license is not up.

                2. my version is 8.7.0i  is that still supported?

                3. I am updating from the default mcafee site that comes with the installation can you suggest a different one?

                4. the company hasn't changed any proxy or firewall settings that would cause this issue.