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    Safeboot issue

      I have a hard drive encrypted with Safeboot. I have the associated SDB file to decrypt. The process did not decrypt. I checked the contents of the SDB file and found the following, which I believe is an error message of some kind:

      AutoDomain script using existing template because a new machine was trying to use its name. This happened on "such and such a date". Would this have changed the sdb file and make it unusable for the original drive?

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          As this is about SafeBoot it probably belongs in the Business section under Data Protection / Encrtyption : EEM Managed.


          Moving this question to that area for attention.

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            did you check the key was correct before you used the file?


            You really need to start at the beginning though - why were you trying to remove using the SDB, what did your helpdesk say/do?  What version of EEPC are you using?


            Oh, and the message is just the description field of the machine in EEM - it does not mean anything re recovery as long as the key is correct.


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