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    Firewall shuts self off and redirect virus

      I seem to be having two problems with McAfee.  First of all my personal firewall has shut itself off and can not be turned back on.  When I go into Firewall settings it gives me buttons for Done, Turn On and Restore Defaults.  None of the buttons work.  Secondly, I can not do any searches with out being redirected to bogus search pages. I have run McAfee virus scan which didn't find anything. I ran McAfee Virtual Technician and it says that my Personal Firewall McAfee Security Center 12.0.338 has a problem and id's the problem as "service(s) not running (1)" and is unable to fix it.  McAfee Virtual Technician Session ID 35019832.   I ran McAfee Stinger and it also found no problems.   I used to have Norton AntiVirus but that was removed by McAfee and they are the ones who set up my McAfee Security Suite as there were problems installing it initially. 


      My McAfee info is:

      McAfee Security Center

      Version 11.0

      Build 11.05.578

      Affld 105

      Last updated 8/26/2011


      McAfee Virus Scan

      Version 15.0

      Build 15.0.291

      Last update 9/13/2011

      DAT Versian 6467

      DAT creation date 9/12/2011


      McAfee Personal Firewall

      Version 12.0

      Build 12.0.338

      Last Update 8/24/2011


      McAfee SiteAdvisor

      Version 3.4

      Build 3.4.0/143

      Affld 0

      Last update 8/30/2011


      McAfee Anti-Spam

      Version 12.0

      Build 12.0.292

      Last update 8/24/2011

      Content version 3979

      Engine Version


      McAfee QuickClean and Shredder

      Version 11.0

      Build 11.0.393

      Last update 8/24/2011


      My McAfee subscription just renewed on 8/11/2011 for $74.19 so I am very unhappy that McAfee is now not working properly.  Any help greatly appreciated.  I need these viruses gone!

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          im having the same problem, ive done everything short of a ful re-install of windows.  malware bytes keeps catching suspicious connections (that mcafee does not) but neither windows firewall or mcafee firewall will turn on (update: the MCshield home screen is says firewall is on until you click on settings. then it says it is off, and the green "your computer is secure" banner is always up. windows security recognises it as "on" but the mcafee technician lists it as "off" . it also seems that a vital firewall process is missing (mdsdrv.sys) (windows firewall wont turn on either, error code 0x8007042c ) . i got this computer a month ago and mcafee was installed within 10 minutes, i have never shut it off and keep up with the auto updates. i bought this software so i wouldnt have to waste time like this...

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            If you're trying to run with two firewalls operating, that might be a problem. Switch off the Windows Firewall and reboot.


            The missing .sys file : have you run MVT to check your McAfee installation? This is not a McAfee file, but is the (Windows) Firewall Authorisation Driver. Other posts about this problem indicate that its "missing" status is sometimes a side-effect of having two firewalls running concurrently.


            Occasionally this is malware-related, so it wouldn't hurt to check that Windows and McAfee are up to date and then run a Quick Scan. Let us know if you still have the same problem afterwards.

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              hayton -

              thank you for your time, the windows firewall is off, and i understand it is not directly a mcafee problem, i learned of that when i tried uninstalling mcafee, i tried to turn on windows firewall before i tried re-installing the antivirius suite. all software is up to date, my main concern is that the mcafee home screen states that all is OK (real time scanning, updates, firewall, subscription) but when i click on the firewall setings it says OFF and if i click to turn it on, it simply turns off immediately. virtual technician comes up with 4 errors, all show up as "unable to repair" it seems like some malware has bypassed or corrupted the very software i bought to avoid that, i would like to avoid reinstalling windows, or purchasing a different AV program and simply giving up on mcafee...





              Product Name

              Product Version:3.4.143
                          Health Check Details         
                                Registry                                      OK                   
                                File                3 file(s) incorrect                     
                                              Expected File not Present                             
              c:\program files (x86)\mcafee\siteadvisor\elist.dat
                                              Expected File not Present                             
              c:\program files (x86)\mcafee\siteadvisor\components\imcffplg.xpt
                                              Expected File not Present                             
              c:\program files (x86)\mcafee\siteadvisor\components\mcffplg.dll






              ervice                1 service(s) incorrect                     
                                              Expected Service State Incorrect                             
                                          Expected : running
                                          Existing : stopped
                                          Service :                            McMPFSvc "C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\McSvcHost\McSvHost.exe" /McCoreSvc
                                              Expected Service Startup type Correct                             
                                          Service : McMPFSvc "C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\McSvcHost\McSvHost.exe" /McCoreSvc


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                i have also run stinger (and tried malwarebytes) to no avail.

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                  cburkeyb wrote:


                  i have also run stinger (and tried malwarebytes) to no avail.

                  Hi cburkeyb,


                  Have you tried installing Spybot Search and Destroy?   http://www.safer-networking.org/en/index.html


                  It is free.


                  Have you tried TuneUp Utilities? http://www.tune-up.com/products/tuneup-utilities/


                  15 Days Free Trial.


                  Have you tried calling McAfee Support? It is now free World-wide.

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                    Im having the same issues as the original poster. I tried the Stinger and it didnt catch anything. My firewall just shuts off by itself whenever it feels like it. As a long time user of McAfee products since 1996, I think it might be time to try something new.


                    Sure hope they find the issue and fix it.

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                      Try some of teh other scanners here

                      McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware, Malware & Hijacker Tools


                      Also go to start run and type services.msc and navigate to the windows firewall service and make sure it is set to started and automatic.