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    False Positive issues

      Customers are complaining about your antivirus engine detecting our software as a virus.


      I have sent in the sample several times following your false positive reporting procedure but only seem to get a "current detection" finding and no further review.  How is anyone supposed to submit a false positive?  we have e-mailed Virus_Research@avertlabs.com and Virus_Research@mcafee.com with False at the beginning of the subject line.  We have also submitted our sample via your webimmune.net interface.  But to no avail you seem to treat the sample as a non detection issue?  Am I doing somthing wrong or is the sample actually being reviewed further?


      The sample was emailed from our support AT s8onpc DOT com address and I have attached the false positive here just in case.


      Your email munged for your own protection & attachment removed per forum rules - Moderator.


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