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    subscription/Virus problem??

      I have two computers, my subscription expires on the 3rd July 2012.

      I purchased mcafee to cover both my Laptop and Desk top. I have no problems with my laptop (windows 7), but my desk top (windows xp) suddenly says my computer is at risk.

      I check the status and it then says i need to activate it, and that activation is needed by 10th may 2008. I click the activate button and nothing happens.

      I have uninstalled mcafee and reinstalled it. This solved my problem until i turn off the desk top.

      When i restart it happens again. I ran scans when it was all up and running again and they all came back clear.

      I am fed up with this and do not need to reinstall mcafee everytime i turn my pc on.

      can someone please help???