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    Unable to update Java or Microsoft from behind MWG7

      We are unable to get Java or Microsoft downloads to run from behind the MWG7.  With Java the .exe gets scanned and then the MWG allows you to download the file, but once the file is downloaded and run the program fails.  Is this part of blocking PUP's and if so is there an exception list?


      I thought it was part of the Gateway Anti-malware rule, but I have disabled it and it still fails.


      Recieve this error prior to the install window appearing

      java 1.bmp

      After you select OK ou can try to run the installation then you get this error.


      If I point to another proxy (non Mcafee) I can get out and install.






      So we have looked at the firewall traffic.  And the .exe is running independetly and not in a brower. 

      So how do we make a Non-browser port 80 call be directed to the MGW and be proxied?





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          I opened a ticket with support.  The global white list that I was using had whitespace on the end, and for some reason MWG sees whitespace as an acceptable character.


          So removed the whitespace after my entries and all is fine.


          Java or Microsoft do not like to work thru any type of authentication platform.


          For some reason when this rule was set up by the sales engineer there were no default sites in the list.  I would have hope that if McAfee knows this is an issue these would have been in a default whitelist. 


          Oh well all is fine now.

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            The Web Gateway is designed for you to decide what you want access to.  If it was setup to allow certain things off the bat, then McAfee would be responsible for anything they decided to allow access to without the customers approval.


            Glad you got your problem solved.