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    Where do I send files for false positives?



      I'm ******, frustrated and doing my best to calm my nerves.


      I have a McAfee Antivirus 2011 Plus and somehow you flipping geniuses thought that it would be an awesome idea to not include an exclusion option or a 'trusted list'. Either way, that's your choice, a sh*tty choice nonetheless.


      So, I only ask now if I can get assistance where I could send the file to any genius out there who's part of your team to scan the file that McAfee keeps deleting. It's a .dll file from a game I'm trying to install and I can bet my grandmother's grave on it, that's its a false positive.


      So, where do I send this file to be analyzed and quickly get a build or patch or sumthing to make my McAfee stop detecting it as a Trojan. I know there's a service like this here, or at least there should be, as I have done this before with K****ersky Labs. (censored it for you)


      Yeah, so thanks. A quick reply would be HIGHLY appreciated.


      *semi-rage over/contained