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    Qos and IPSEC VPN Question

      Hello McAfee Gurus


      I download a Enterprise firewall for testing.

      I play with VPN stuff, but i cannot find info about qos over VPN tunels.

      I read the manula,and see that qos is aviable only on real interfaces, on outbound traffic.

      The question IS:

      What Enterprise firewall do first IPSEC Encryption or QOS?

      I ask this question beacuse i have a situation where i have two remote offices connected trough IPSec VPN

      I want to prioritize traffic in tunnel. - VOIP first with guarnteed bandwidth, and other traffic second with borowed bandwidth.

      After deeeeep reading of manual I start to think that this is not possible.

      Neeed Help




      DJ JAM

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          QoS will not work through a VPN tunnel.  QoS is applied based on the outgoing interface.  In the case of a VPN, this is ESP-encapsulated traffic leaving the outgoing interface.  You could apply a QoS policy on this ESP traffic, but you cannot apply QoS on the traffic inside the tunnel.