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    Download sidewinder admin console 5

      Hi , Anyone has idea where can i get the package of  sidewinder admin console 5


      I try to find but cannot download it. I did not have mcafee grant number.


      Currenlty i stuck with my sidewinder as i did upgrade but cannot do anytthing to it.



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          The Admin Console is only available for download via the McAfee Products Download page:




          A valid grant number associated with the Firewall Enterprise is required to download the Admin Console. If you do not know your grant number, either Technical Support or Customer Service can provide it to you if you provide your Firewall Enterprise/Sidewinder serial number (SWxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx).


          There are no other download options available.

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            in McAfee Firewall Enterprise


            Maintenance /Software Management


            Package 70103 is provided for installing.


            In column "Control Center Management" version 5.1.2 is listed.


            Does this mean I need admin console version 5 to connect after applying Package 70103?


            If yes, where can this be found at the download page? I get acces to the page with the grant number but cannot find where to download Admin Console 5.1.2.


            Best regards.


            r on 15.09.11 12:12:14 MESZ
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              Where can download this sofware ? is it can use Control Centre ?

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                As rdestics said, unless you have the original Administration Console CD, you can only download it from the McAfee product download page and this requires you to have a valid grant ID in order to gain access.


                The same applies to the Control Center, but this is not the same as the Administration Console. Control Center is a separate appliance (physical or virtual) which you can purchase from McAfee and is designed to provide you with the means of managing multiple Firewall installations from a central location.