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    VScan 8.8 killing SCCM deployments

      Hi all,


      I have an issue where Virus Scan 8.8 is stopping software deployments (patches and service packs) from being deployed correctly from SCCM.

      The SCCM client and cache folders are excluded from On-Access scans (via ePO) and i have verified these are properly excluded using the eicar test string.


      Anyone any ideas on how to resolve this? I'm assuming I need to exclude some extra folders but not sure where/what.

      Curiously we've had no issues with WinXP and VScan 8.7.  This is only showing up on Windows 7 machines with VScan 8.8 so far.


      Edit : I should also mention that the SP install also fails when manually running the update.  Disabling the AV temporarily allows the SP to install correctly.


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          Do you see anything in the VSE log files, that the Access Protection is blocking things? Try to disable Access Protection. You may need to check the UAC Settings, as these could cause a lot of problems by installing software in general.

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            Thanks speter, I should really have thought to check that.  When I checked the AccessProtectionLog I noticed that the windows TrustedInstaller was being blocked by an Access Protection Rule : "Anti-Virus Standard Protection:Prevent Windows Process spoofing"

            I added an exception in ePO and it looks like it's done the trick.  Thx again.