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    Real-Time Scanning is Off (Version 11.0)

      Hi all,



      I have been presented with an error message informing me that my computer is not protected due to real-time scanning being off. It only appeared yesterday (11/09/2011) and nothing has been installed on my system from what I can tell. I have been through the back log and not managed to find a solution as nothing seems appplicable to Version 11.0 of McAfee, and McAfee Virtual Technician doesn't seem to find any problem at all. Am running Win7 64-bit, service pack one, and have almost minus computer competency, so extreme lamens terms please!!


      Thanks in advance,





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          i'd like to confirm that i have a problem too with a recent update. updated to version 11.0 (build 11.0.586) and i'm running windows 7 sp1. the http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/oas-disabled-f ix.cmd fix does not download for me, but instead shows up as a txt file when i download it as well. i'm running mcafee antivirus plus


          to the above user, what version of mcafee product are you using?


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            Hello Chris Diaz and azerkail ,


            Please run the McAfee virtual technician an automated self-healing tool. It is capable of identifying and fixing many common issues with your McAfee products. MVT can also repair some issues that might prevent your McAfee suite from installing successfully


            1. Launch your web browser and go to http://mvt.mcafee.com
            2. On the Welcome screen, click Next. The message McAfee Virtual Technician not found means that MVT is not installed on your system.  Click Next again. 
            3. Click Run on the file download dialog box, and click Run a second time if prompted by Windows.
            4. Click I Agree to begin the installation.
            5. Adjust the scheduling options and click Finish to complete the installation.

              You can choose the frequency and time of day to run MVT scans.
            6. When the MVT initialization completes, click Next.  
            7. MVT will automatically download any updates that it requires and then scan your McAfee products.
            8. When the scan is complete, you will be MVT will display the results.

            If MVT detects any issues with your McAfee software, continue to Step 2 below. If no problems are found, click Continue, complete the optional survey, and click Close.


            Restart the computer after the above process and check for updates in security center and let us know your status .



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              Hi guys,


              Thanks for your input, I've been through the steps outlined here and the problem still persists   I have version 11.0 of McAfee Security Centre with build 11.0.586, 14.5 of McAfee Virus Scan with build 14.5.130, McAfee Personal Firewall Version 12.0 with build 12.0.344, McAfee Anti-Spam 12.0 with build 12.0.292. I have Win7 SP1 too as well. It says that my last update was 11.09.2011. I have no idea if any of that information is relevant but hopefully it helps!!





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                hey chris,


                i followed jaiparkash's solution and used mvt. it found a file that had gone missing in the update apparently. if you uninstall your antivirus and run the mcafee uninstall tool to completely delete it and use the tool to completely remove it, you can get a fresh install and the file will be repaired. i got this solution from googling the file name (mvsdeflt.dll) and its here: https://community.mcafee.com/message/206842


                hope this helps. thanks jaiprakash!

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                  It was the fresh install which did it for me Thanks a lot for all your suggestions etc. You've all been a great help!!!