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    Installation Error


      I am using Windows XP Home Service Pack 3 with McAfee Internet Security.  I was just updating my XP today, by Right-Clicking the McAfee Shield and selecting Check for Updates.  It went through the usual procedure of Checking, then Download, and Installing.  But, during the Installation Step of the update process, it did show me the message your updates have been successfully installed.  Instead, I saw the words Installation Error next to Installing Updates.  Then the Program just took me to McAfee Security Center's Home page (aka where it says what is on and what not).


      Being that this never happened before and that there wasn't any messages that popup telling me about the error.  I hit the close button and did the check for updates again.  This time the McAfee Security Center GUI didn't show up showing me the update process.  But, if I moused over the shield, I could see that the process was going normally.  Finally, the updates where installed and a popup message from McAfee said that the updates were installed.


      This is where it gets weird, when I doubled-clicked on the shield, I got a popup that said that updates for McAfee were installed and your computer needs to be restarted for it to finish or something and there was only an okay button.  The weird thing is that the popup I got was the usual McAfee themed popup, it was the usual Windows XP popup message style, with the name of the error or whatever in a Blue Bar at the top, the message is in a tan-ish background.  Besides, there were times when after a update, the McAfee GUI would tell me to Restart Now or Later and if I close McAfee's Gui.  There will be an exclamation point on the McAfee Shield and if I mouse over it, it would say that it needs to restart and double clicking on it would popup a McAfee popup giving me the option to restart now or later.


      Basically, should I restart my computer or not?  Since I tried opening McAfee Security Center a couple of times now and I am still getting that Windows themed warning, when it should be as mentioned a McAfee themed popup with an exclamation point on the McAfee Shield.

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          Occasionally, you will have to restart your computer after installing updates to VirusScan so that the downloaded files can fully replace the previous files. If you don't restart your computer, VirusScan may not work properly, and your virus protection could be compromised.


          Restarting your computer is usually only necessary when we update the VirusScan application itself (as opposed to regular weekly updates of the virus signature files), but if the updates are larger , the PC would be alerted to be restarted .