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    Virusscan 8.5i permanently reinstalling


      we have Virusscan 8.5i Patch 6. Virusscan is permanently reinstalling itself.
      After reinstalling all seems to be ok - the Virusscan-Trayicon comes up.
      Some seconds later you can see a new instance from msiexe in the taskmanager.
      the cpu-load ist at 100%. theres no end with this procedure...

      any ideas?
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          If you are using epo to install VSE (or even if you arent but are using the vse that includes an additional package with it like 4 or 5) then you will get more than one install running one after another. For instance mine tend to run like this:

          1) install VSE
          2) update engine
          3) update dats
          4) update to patch 4 (called a hotfix update)
          5) update to hotfix 3xxx (cant remember offhand which one)
          6) run ASCI

          So in this case I get the VSE install running 3 times as running a hotfix loads up all the same installers as the original install of VSE (especially the patch 4/5 etc)
          If you arent running EPO you will still get the after install of patch 6 if you are using the VSE 8.5 with patch 6 package.

          Patch 4/5/6 usually takes 30-90 seconds.


          If you have access protection rules enabled running patch 6 update alone you may be in for a world of hurt, and installs never seeming to finish. look on the VSE board in the patch 6 is released sticky thread for the full details of this and how to get around it.