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    Problems streaming Youtube and downloading files

      Since we have had the McAfee SAAS software installed we have had issues viewing youtube videos and downloading files. Specifically, youtube videos will load a few seconds, up to 30, then stop, never resuming the stream. The user can click just behind the progress bar to advance the video another few seconds, but it will never fully buffer. Also, downloading large files is impossible. The system just sits on the download and never completes, even if left over night.


      We have spoken with our firewall provider and they have exhausted all of their resources, so I assume it's a setting withing the McAfee software. Any assisstance would relieve a major headache.



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          Hi mpohlman,


          We are currently discussing this issue with our Senior Technical Team. Please bear with us for a day or two and we shall get back to you with a permanent solution.


          Please provide us with the below information.


          1. Please let us know which browser you are using, if IE then please mention which version

          2. If you are trying to download files please mention which software/player you are using.

          3. Do you get any error/warnings when you are trying to download files.



          Pritish P.

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            Thanks for the reply.


            1. The issue does not appear to be browser specific. We have tried viewing videos in Chrome., Firefox, and IE (8&9) with the same issue. Videos from other sites appear to stream fine, it seems to be just YouTube.

            2. We have tried downloading updates from SAP and iTunes as well as a few other larger files. There are no errors, the download appears to just stall and hang there.

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              Please follow the below steps and let us know if this helps you in the issue that you are facing.


              1. Open the Online McAfee security center console from the webpage www.mcafeeasap.com

              2. Click on policies on the top and then select your USER defined policy and click on Edit.

              3. If you are still under "McAfee Default" policy please click on Add Policy to define a new policy

              4. On the left pane select Virus and spyware protection

              5. On the page, select Advanced tab

              6. From the list of options uncheck "Enable Buffer Overflow protection" and "Enable Script Scanning"

              7. Once you have unchecked and disabled the above two options, save the changes and apply this new policy to all the computers under the "McAfee Default policy"

              8. Now run a forced update from the M icon on the computer by giving a right click on it and selecting update now


              After completeing the update process, now try to stream a video from the youtube or download songs from iTunes and let us know if the above steps worked.



              Pritish P.


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                Thanks for the suggestion, but this did not resolve the issue.

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                  Thanks for the information provided. Please check with the below details and update us.


                  1. Try to disbale the McAfee services and check whether you have the same issue.


                  2. Also try to do the clean boot, (i.e. except the Miscrosoft services , disable all the other services and startup items).


                  3. Then try to view or download the files from You Tube and check whether the issue persists or not.


                  Please keep us posted with the results, so that we can help you further with this issue.


                  Geetha P