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    Total Protection Installation Error


      I recently purchased online a 1 year subscription to Mcafee Total Protection, ive downloaded the setup, but when i click on it i get this message??? Ive installed the latest Java and also ran the Mcafee online technician thingy! Still the same msg pops up, also ive uninstalled the older version of Total Protection... Help appreciated and also how to i go about requesting a refund? Just in case as im not paying 40 quid for an error msg =)

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          Peter M

          You don't state what system you are using but it looks like Windows 7.  McAfee uses Internet Explorer regardless of your choice of default browser so make sure you have the latest version of IE9 installed.


          Then open it and go to Tools/Internet Options/Advance and click Reset.  Apply and OK it and OK any prompts.


          Close and reopen IE9.  Go to Tools/Manage Add-ons and re-enable any you need.


          See if that works.


          Java and Javascript are two totally different things.   Javascript is part of your browser(s) and should work OK at default settings.


          By the way Technical Support Online Chat support is always free.


          When you uninstalled an older version of McAfee did you run the clean up tool and reboot before installing the new one, that could be part of the problem too.


          It is linked under Useful Links at the top of this page as is Tech Support.






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            Peter M

            I just noticed your question about obtaining a refund.  That's easy, simply phone Customer Service which is the second link from the left on this page  http://service.mcafee.com/default.aspx?lc=2057


            It's a free call.

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              Hi there,

              Getting the programs installed with just a little bit of trouble shooting is much easier than getting a refund !  But at the same time,  Sorry for the inconvenience caused here with regards to the Installation error . Please let us know some of the below information so as we could help you getting the programs installed .


              What is the operating system of the PC ?
              Open internet explorer – click on help and then click About Internet Explorer
              And do let us know the version & cipher strength of your internet explorer .
              From Internet explorer – Click Tools – click Windows update and check if there is any pending update available for the PC.



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                Cheers for the replies guys, just got home so shall try what you suggested  Ex_Brit... Yep Win7 with service pack 1, i never ran the clean up tool after i uninstalled the previous Mcafee...


                Dinz -  Win7 Home Premium 64-bit... IE9 Version 9.0.8112.16421, Cipher strength 264 bit... Theres 15 updates so im downloading and installing now =)

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                  Peter M
                  i never ran the clean up tool after i uninstalled the previous Mcafee...

                  It's sometimes a good idea to do so.  Dinz may have some other suggestions too.

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                    Good news, got the windows updates, ran the removal tool... Reinstalled Mcafee and success Im now secure for a year =) Thanks to both of you for the help, appreciate it!!

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                      Peter M

                      That's good. All the best ;-)