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    McAfee Security Centre - Virus scan froze @ 35% every time. Unable to change real-time scanning settings

      Hi People,


      3 days ago I updated my virus definitions and attempted to do a manual scan. Kept freezing at 35% and on no particular file. Also the real-time scanning link never opened up when you click it. All other links to settings worked.


      Technical support asked me to uninstall McAfee and purge all references from hard drive using steps they suggested. Removed McAfee security centre using 'add/remove programs'. Used McPreinstall and MCPR. All ok. Downloaded McAfee Security centre from my account. all ok until it started to install. froze at the software installation screen.


      Tech support then asked me to install in 'safe mode with networking'. Same problem occured with install freezing at software installation screen.


      All other programs on computer working ok and not encountered any errors.


      Tech support escalated problem yesterday.


      Any help is appreciated,



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