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    Blank screen on AntiVirus Plus

      I have this blank screen (like a lot of other users too).


      I have had a support session where I was advised to uninstall JRE 6 Update 27 and even uninstall IE9 (Final release, not beta) to correct the problem.


      I have Win 7 64 bit and have performed the following to date:

      Removed JRE 6 Update 27 and installed JRE 6 update 25 (32 and 64 bit)

      Removed IE9

      Removed .Net 4 Client

      Removed McAfee via MCPR (Blank screen on uninstall via Program removal)


      Installed AV Plus again and then MVT to find the same blank screen regardless of what is on.


      This is becoming a bit of a joke as the task tray doesn't run and you can't be sure if the level of protection is actually there and working as each time you run MVT it states the DATS are out of date,


      I have left IE8 and JRE 6 update 25 on for now.


      I have had IE 9 for a while (since it was fully updated by WU) and VS was working after this installation so something must have changed with the SecurityCentre patching to cause this but I only get fobbed off with uninstall the latest java and IE all the time (which I have done but strangely enough it makes no difference!!


      Seriously thinking about ditching it now due to these constant issues,


      Any help appreciated,

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          The latest versions of IE9 and JRE are OK.  I have them and no problems.


          Try to re-register the Microsoft scripting dll and let us know if you still have the issue ;


          Click on Start & in Start Search , type : cmd


          From the options that pops up – right click on cmd and select Run as administrator


          Now in the blank window , type : regsvr32 jscript.dll and press enter   (Note : there is a space after regsvr32 )


          Again : regsvr32 vbscript.dll and press enter   (Note : there is a space after regsvr32 )


          Click on close and check the status of your SecurityCenter.


          If still the same , try resetting Internet Explorer (SecurityCenter relies on it regardless of your preference for browser) and let us know the status.  To reset go to IE >> Tools/Internet Options >> Advanced and click Reset, Apply and OK.


          Close and reopen the browser and then go to Tools/Manage Add-ons and re-enable any you need.


          Check if it works now.


          Otherwise your best approach is to go to Technical Support online chat, it's free and available through the link under 'Useful Links' at the top of this page.  You can insist that they escalate the issue.








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            Thanks for the response.


            I have resolved this myself.


            I reinstalled IE9, updated Java to JRE 6 Update 26, completely removed Mcafee products again and then reinstalled completely.


            After a few more restarts it remained the same until I left the Laptop on Standby for a few hours. Following ti being brought out of sleep everything then came back on like niothing was wrong!!


            It has now been fully operational since the 11th September so for the moment it's back to normal again.



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              That's good news.  All the best.   ;-)