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    You have exceeded your license limit...

      I bought a Dell laptop with McAfee pre-installed with a subscription for 15 months. My hard drive was replaced so I had to install the McAfee software again. Actually, it wasn't me... it was a McAfee technician who did it via remote desktop. Anyway, I logged into My Account on the McAfee website and it says in the notices:


      You have exceeded your license limit.

      Your Subscription 1 for McAfee SecurityCenter via Dell entitles you to 1 licenses. Protect all your computers by getting additional licenses now.

      • Licenses included with your subscription:1
      • Licenses in use:2


      Also... my security center says "2 PCs on your home network protected by McAfee" but there is only one...


      Is there a simple way to fix this?

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          Peter M

          Go to your online account either by direct link or right-click your taskbar icon and select 'View my Account'


          SecurityCenter will open and then click the same item on there.


          Once signed in you should be able to see the licenses listed by clicking the line I have highlighted here (click to enlarge if necessary)




          You should then be able to deactivate one of them.  Now if it's the same computer name, it's a bit of guesswork.  Probably best to deactivate both then close that page and close SecurityCenter


          Then right-click the taskbar icon again and select Verify Account.


          That should hopefully sort it out.


          This happens if the software isn't uninstalled in the normal manner before being reinstalled.  The website simply thinks another computer is using the software as it isn't programmed to read the computer is the same.


          If that doesn't help call Customer Service, it's a toll-free call, and the link is under Useful Links at the top of this page.   They will sort it out for you.






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            McAfee wasn't uninstalled on the first hard drive... Dell has that hard drive now. There is only 1 license listed so I can't uninstall both. This is what it shows:




            So the only way to fix this is to call them? I hate calling customer service for anything...

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              Peter M

              Well it's irrelevent how it happened really. You should be able to deactivate both in the 'View my subscription details' link or click 'Subscription 1, Via: Dell' below "McAfee SecurityCenter".

              Then verify as I previously stated.  Hopefully a phone call shouldn't be necessary.

              Customer Service are OK.  Are you perhaps thinking of Technical Support which is always an overseas office?

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                Yes... I was thinking of Dell customer service/technical support and taking 45 minutes to do a 5 minute job.


                Anyway, thanks for you help! I deactivated both and then verified my subscription. Everything is perfect now.

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                  Peter M

                  That's great.  All the best.  ;-)