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    Real Time Scanning not working...!

      My real time scanning is not working. Even though I am turning it on it goes turn off. I have followed the instructions till step 3 in the following link




      but nothing seems to work. I don't know what to do next. Please help me.


      I am using windows 7 home basic. I have not installed any application recently.

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          Please follow the below steps and keep us posted on the status .


          Click on start and click on start search

          In the open prompt type : cmd

          From the options above , right click on cmd and select Run as administrator

          In the command prompt window , type CHKDSK /F and press enter

          This would help you complete and check disc on your operating system files .


          Please let us know if the above reported any bad sectors on any drive , (Note : You might be prompted  to restart the PC )

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            Please right Click on the "M" icon on the bottom right part of the screen(it should be in hidden icons if you are using windows7) and click on check for updates and restart your computer it should work normally this happens if DAT version is not up to date