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    Says subscription expires in 8 days..Yet I renewed close to a month ago

      I already sent the message below to McAfee's e-mail support but have not got an answer. Hope someone can advise me on this matter.


      Here is whats going on...............




      On 8/19/11 I noticed my subscription would expire on 9/17/11 so at that time I renewed my subscription and verified it using the link on the McAfee icon in the taskbar. After doing this it showed up on my McAfee console and on my account page on their website that my subscription now expired on 9/17/12. So all seemed alright.


      But last week on 9/7/11 my McAfee console showed my subscription expires in 10 days on 9/17/11. It also showed this on my account page online. I then verified it again using the same link as stated above. After doing this it showed my subscription expires on 9/17/12 as it should be. Today on 9/9/11 it showed up again that my subscription expires in 8 days on 9/17/11.  So I verified it again and now the expiration shows up as 9/17/12 as it is supposed to be.

      I  recieved  my confirmation e-mail from McAfee almost instantly after renewing my subscription including my invoice

      # and all other information which I sent to McAfee's e-mail support along with this message. 

      After this has happened 2 times I am getting a bit concerned about just what is going on here?

      Have any of you ever experienced anything like this?  Any help is very much appreciated.