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    McAfee dosen't scan when clicked

      Version patch 001
      DAT file 5272.000
      Scan Engine 5200

      The problem is when I click on the McAfee Tray icon and choose scan> My Computer, it is processing then all the fields are zero. When I click on the McAfee shortcut on the desktop nothing happens and this also happens when i click on any of the option on the tray icon nothing happens. Our IT guy came in the other day and made some changes. I think he didn't give me the administration permission on my profile.

      Thanks for your input

      Moved from (Legacy) McAfee Firewall 5 & below, to Desktop & Server, where I think it belongs...MOD
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          That 4.7 version..Is it referring to the Alert Manager, or something else..? Currently VirusScan Enterprise is at version 8.5i and I am not aware that there EVER has been a Please let us know what you see when you RIGHT click on the McAFee icon in the lower right corner, then choose "About VirusScan Enterprise", IF that's what you have there.

          By the way, your "5272" DAT file is fairly old.. We're currently at "5326".. Have you tried contacting the IT guy to find out what is going on?

          Hope this helps and let us know more.