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    meaning of "files detected" in OnAccessScanLog.txt




      I've got problems grasping the exact meaning of the property "Files detected" in the VirusScan Enterprise OnAccessScanLog.txt file. I know this must sound as a stupid question and it probably is, but I'll explain.


      An example:


      2/08/2011 9:19:25  Engine version                          = 5400.1158
      2/08/2011 9:19:25  AntiVirus   DAT version                 = 6425.0
      2/08/2011 9:19:25  Number of detection signatures in EXTRA.DAT = None
      2/08/2011 9:19:25  Names of detection signatures in EXTRA.DAT  = None


      2/08/2011 9:23:02 Statistics:
      2/08/2011 9:23:02 Files scanned:  42891
      2/08/2011 9:23:02 Files detected:  21
      2/08/2011 9:23:02 Files cleaned:  0
      2/08/2011 9:23:02 Files deleted:  0


      The log displays the amount of scanned files, thats alright, but then I'm not sure how to interpret "21 detected files". Are those infected? Surely not, because none of them were cleaned or deleted so it must be somthing else. In the log itself i connot relate the number 21 to any sort of event or file type.


      Your insights?