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    McAfee hDLP agent causes DNS client delays

      Hi All


      Did anyone met such problem: hDLP 9.1 agent instaled cause DNS request delays up to 20 seconds. So any other software is droping the connection.


      I found such commentario in the manual


      Incorrect DNS configuration can lead to inconsistent validation of theconnection to forest option. When DNS is not configured properly,
      Windows may use WINS as a backup for validation, but McAfee Host Data Loss Preventionsoftware does not support WINS. This can
      cause the connection to fail even though it appeared to validate.


      So here are the questions:


      1. How hDLP agent impacting on the host DNS clients ?

      2. What options are recommended in DNS configuration( which are noticed inside manual)?

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          1. The HDLP agent does not interfere with the working of the DNS client. The DLP agent uses the DNS to query whether the EPO server is available or not.

          2. The DLP agent obtains the IP address and server name of ePO from the registry. These values are placed in the registry by the McAfee Agent.
          If there is an incorrect configuration of IP address and the EPO server then McAfee Agent will also not communicate with the EPO server.