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    VirusScan, Outlook and Cached Exchange Mode




      I have two questions:


      1.   For those of you out there who use Outlook and Exchange 2007 with cached exchange mode, do you exclude the scanning of the local .ost file if email is being scanned on the Exchange server?


      2.  I notice that even if if you disable On-Delivery Email Scanner using either ePO or the VirusScan console, Outlook Scan is still enabled in Outlook (Tools->Trust Center->Add-ins, Manage:Exchange Client Extensions->Go).  Is this related to On-Delivery Email Scanner or is it something else?  I notice KB article describes how to disable Outlook Scan https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB52191 but I don't know when you'd want to do this.


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          Couple questions,


          1. Are you sure it isn't the On Demand Email Scan add-in? I see that in my Outlook 2010, its actually its own tab, along with file, home, send/receive, folder, view, etc...


          2. If you are positive it is On Delivery Email Scan, if you are disabling from the ePO console, I would run a wakeup call, then restart outlook. Also, if you are disabling from the local VSE console, restart outlook.

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            Just to confirm, I am running Outlook 2007, and within Outlook, the add-in is indeed called Outlook Scan.  And within VirusScan console, the On-Delivery Email scanner is disabled, and this was done through ePO policy.  I have performed a wakeup, and restarted outlook, and the Outlook Scan Add-In is still checked.