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    Is role mapping necessary

      We have purchased the Webgateway 7 and during the demonstration we told the engineer that we were only going to have one group, webusers.  Well he helped set that up and all was fine.  Now the management team has seen the functionality in the test group they want more groups.  Well here I am.  So we would like to have a restricted webusers group(which is an AD group) as well as differnt groups in AD to be able to get to facebook.


      I have opened a ticket for help but of course I have the lowest priority(as expected) so I thought that I would ask here.  I read where Role mapping needs to happen after authentication, but my question is this.....why can't you use the authentication.usergroup property in the rule set criteria and allow MWG to only use the rule set that matches the criteria?  Why do you have to take the step to map authentication.usersgroups to authentication.user-defined?


      Any help would be appreciated.