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    McAfee VirusScan update

      I have a problem to update my Viruscan through local area network. Indeed, i have a version of 8.5 and we fetch our update from a server on our network. So, some computers do not get updated from our server. I want to ask if there is another way to take updates from an updated PC in our network to another PC without getting them from our server.

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          Yes, but it would be nice to know exactly what the problem is and which Patch version is installed on your computers.. You need to give that information to us as well.

          As to updating those problem computers, it depends exactly on what each of the computers has going for them.. If each of the computers has internet access, they can easily update simply by using the default http or ftp repositories already setup in McAfee's "AutoUpdate" process.

          If the computers don't have internet access, (or if you want them to retrieve their updates directly from a shared directory), then you'll be required to set up your own "server" or "shared directory" using the basic instructions in the link below. (Since you've already got one server set up to perform these updates, it's doesn't really provide an advantage to create a second one....but that's your choice.):


          Hope this helps.